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Wheel Classic Style Creased Door Skin 16x7 Fits 03-07 SIERRA 1500 PICKUP 605883 for sale

Wheel Classic Style Creased Door Skin 16x7 Fits 03-07 SIERRA 1500 PICKUP 605883

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Wheel Classic Style Creased Door Skin 16x7 Fits 03-07 SIERRA 1500 PICKUP 605883:

Welcome to our store! Wheel Classic Style Creased Door Skin 16x7 Fits 03-07 SIERRA 1500 PICKUP 605883 Description Donor Vehicle Model: YUKON Year: 2004 Mileage: 124000 (0 = not available or unknown) Stock Number: 015407 Store Number: 1 Part Detail Part Grade: B Part Category: Y Part Placement: Notes: 1F1 NO CAP WEIGHT MARK This part will fit these makes and models with these options SIERRA 1500 PICKUP 03 16x7, flat spokes (opt PF4)
YUKON XL 1500 03 16x7, (aluminum, 6 spoke), flat spokes (opt PF4)
SIERRA 1500 PICKUP 04-06 16x7, (flat spokes, opt PF4)
SAVANA 1500 VAN 05-08 16x7, (aluminum, opt PF4)
YUKON 03 16x7, (aluminum, 6 spoke), flat spokes (opt PF4)
YUKON XL 1500 04-06 16x7, (aluminum, 6 spoke)
YUKON 04-06 16x7, (aluminum, 6 spoke)
SIERRA 1500 PICKUP 07 classic style (creased door skin), 16x7, (flat spokes, opt PF4)

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