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Reman Master Cylinder fits 1971-1974 Pontiac Ventura CARDONE/A-1 CARDONE for sale

Reman Master Cylinder fits 1971-1974 Pontiac Ventura  CARDONE/A-1 CARDONE

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Reman Master Cylinder fits 1971-1974 Pontiac Ventura CARDONE/A-1 CARDONE:

Parts Center Template 1Reman Master Cylinder fits 1971-1974 Pontiac Ventura CARDONE/A-1 CARDONEPrice is for 1 - adjust qty as needed. SELLER & PAYMENT INFORMATION Seller name : partscargo_web
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Order Processing Time: 1 business day PART AND FITMENT DETAILSBrand: Cardone Industries
Part Number: 10-1481
Item Condition: Remanufactured
Item Description: Brake Master Cylinder
Manufacturer Brand Description: Remanufactured Master Cylinder
Quantity Needed: 1;
Item Specifics: UPC: 082617004824Application Summary - 2000: Buick Apollo 1974-73; Chevrolet Nova 1974-70; Oldsmobile Omega 1974-73; Pontiac Ventura 1974-71FAQ Q1 A: As a rule, always use the brake fluid recommended by the O.E. which is stamped on the master cylinder lid. Note: Always use new fluid from a sealed container.FAQ Q1 Q: What type of fluid should I use: DOT 3, DOT 4 or DOT 5?FAQ Q10 A: Most likely, the fluid in the system is contaminated. The most common form of contamination occurs when petroleum-based fluid has been accidentally introduced into the brake system. If that has happened it is almost certain that all rubber components in the brake system (hoses, seals, bladders) will need to be replaced after the system is thoroughly flushed. If the contamination is due to moisture, rust and/or dirt, it might be possible to restore operation by flushing the system and replacing the brake fluid with fresh, clean fluid. Always use the manufacturer-recommended brake fluid from a sealed container.FAQ Q10 Q: Why is the piston stuck inside the bore of my master cylinder?FAQ Q11 A: Simply plug the master cylinder ports and press the brake pedal. If the master cylinder is bypassing, the pedal will go down. If the pedal stops hard, the master cylinder is OK.FAQ Q11 Q: How can I test a master cylinder to see if it's bypassing?FAQ Q2 A: Dot 3 and 4 are Glycol-based fluids and Dot 5 is a silicone-based fluid.FAQ Q3 A: The first step to bench bleeding a step bore is to slowly depress the master cylinder piston, then release slowly and wait 20 seconds before depressing again. NEVER pump piston/pedal with a step bore style master cylinder. Follow the same process on the vehicle.FAQ Q3 Q: Does a step bore style master cylinder require a specific bleeding process?FAQ Q4 A: Check booster for a defective push rod seal. If this seal is bad, it could drain the brake fluid out of the master cylinder.FAQ Q4 Q: My original master cylinder leaked out of the back of the piston into the booster area. Why?FAQ Q5 A: The master cylinder is working correctly. Check for a faulty brake booster or frozen wheel cylinder/caliper.FAQ Q5 Q: I replaced the master cylinder and now the pedal is high and hard. Why?FAQ Q6 A: First, check for air in the system. Make sure master cylinder is level when bleeding. Air will compress in a hydraulic system causing a low pedal. Then, check for brake hose swelling or expanding under pressure. Next, check brake drums/discs for proper specifications. Finally, check brake material.FAQ Q6 Q: The brake pedal is low and spongy. Is it a bad master cylinder?FAQ Q7 A: This is caused by a problem with the caliper or a brake hose.FAQ Q8 A: Check the steering and suspension. Inspect both calipers for binding or sticky slides or pins. Check brake lining for oil/grease or uneven wear. Inspect brake hoses for restriction. Check for proper tire pressure.FAQ Q8 Q: What causes the car to pull to one side during braking?FAQ Q9 A: Replace all brake fluid. Brake fluid is hygroscopic which means it absorbs moisture. Too much water in brake fluid will cause vapor lock and apply pressure to the wheels. Also check for proper push rod adjustments and stop light/cruise control switch adjustments.FAQ Q9 Q: What causes the brakes to lock up after only a couple of miles?Features and Benefits: Plastic reservoirs are vacuum-tested to ensure proper function (where applicable).Key Search Words - 2000: Master Cylinder, Brake Master Cylinder, MC, Master, CylinderMaintenance Info: To ensure proper brake system performance, it is advised that brake fluid and hoses be inspected every 10,000 - 15,000 miles. Refer to a vehicle specific service manual for fluid replacement intervals. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the fluid every 2 years.Marketing Description - 2000: CARDONE Remanufactured Master Cylinders are re-engineered, built and tested to match O.E. performance. Each unit features new, O.E.-quality seals and cups to ensure leak-free, long-lasting performance. Cast-iron master cylinders are treated with a premium protective coating to minimize rust and extend product life. All units are 100% computer tested to ensure perfect fit and function.Product Line Marketing Stmt: CARDONE Industries, Inc. is the remanufactured parts supplier to the O.E.Ms. We are the only remanufacturer in the world with over 45 years' experience in mechanical, hydraulic and electronic parts repair. Through reverse-engineering, our product engineers are able to determine where - and why - original parts fail. We re-engineer our A1 CARDONE(R) Reman parts for stronger, longer-lasting performance. We build it better. Learn more at Tip: Common signs of wear indicating replacement may be required:AAIA Part Type Description: Brake Master CylinderBore Diameter (N): 1.125"Country of Origin (Primary): MXE-Waste: NoEmission Code : 1FAQ Q2 Q: What's the difference between Dot 3, 4 and 5?FAQ Q7 Q: One side of my front brakes won't release, why?Fitment Type: Direct ReplacementInstallation Hardware Included: NoInterchange Part Number: MC36317, M36317, 5470410, 2232281, M1481, 20-1481Label Description - 80: Remanufactured Master CylinderMaster Cylinder Color/Finish: GrayMaster Cylinder Material: Cast IronMounting Hole Quantity: 2Other Part Number: 10-1481, 5460346, 29907C, 18M1046, MCA36317Package Contents: Master CylinderPort Count: 2Primary Port Size: 9/16 x 18Product Condition: RemanufacturedProduct Description - Invoice - 40: Reman. Master CylinderProduct Description - Long - 80: Remanufactured Master CylinderProduct Description - Short - 20: Ma ster CylinderRemanufactured Part: YReservoir Included: YesReservoir Material: Cast IronReservoir Type: IntegralSecondary Port Size: 1/2 x 20Troubleshooting Tip: LeaksUN/SPSC Description - 80: Master Cylinders/Tools - New & Reman See Item Specifics section for additional specifications about this part. Vehicle Fitment Summary To confirm that this part fits your vehicle, enter your vehicle's Year, Make, Model, Trim and Engine in the Compatibility Table. Also review the notes section in the compatibility chart for additional specifications about this part. This part generally fits Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac vehicles and includes models such as Apollo, Nova, Omega, Ventura with the trims of Base, Base Coupe 2-Door, Base Hatchback 2-Door, Base Sedan 2-Door, Base Sedan 4-Door, Custom, Custom Coupe 2-Door, Custom Hatchback 2-Door, Custom Sedan 4-Door, GTO, GTO Coupe 2-Door . The engine types may include 2.5L 153Cu. In. l4 GAS Naturally Aspirated, 2.5L 2507CC 153Cu. In. l4 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 3.8L 230Cu. In. l6 GAS Naturally Aspirated, 3.8L 3769CC 230Cu. In. l6 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 4.1L 250Cu. In. l6 GAS Naturally Aspirated, 4.1L 4097CC 250Cu. In. l6 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 4.1L 4098CC 250Cu. In. l6 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 5.0L 307Cu. In. V8 GAS Naturally Aspirated, 5.0L 5031CC 307Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 5.7L 350Cu. In. V8 GAS Naturally Aspirated, 5.7L 5733CC 350Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 5.7L 5736CC 350Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 5.7L 5737CC 350Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 6.5L 396Cu. In. V8 GAS Naturally Aspirated, 6.6L 402Cu. In. V8 GAS Naturally Aspirated, 6.6L 6588CC 402Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 7.4L 7439CC 454Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated. This part fits vehicles made in the following years 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974. To confirm that this part fits your vehicle, enter your vehicle's Year, Make, Model, Trim and Engine in the Compatibility Table. Also review the notes section in the compatibility chart for additional specifications about this part. Interchange Part Numbers This item may interchange to the following part numbers from other brands. This is provided for reference only and does not guarantee that the part your are buying is identical to the part numbers from the brands listed below. To confirm that this part fits your vehicle, enter your vehicle's Year, Make, Model, Trim and Engine in the Compatibility Table.Brands: ACDELCO PROFESSIONAL BRAKES CANADA, ADVANCE/CARQUEST WEAREVER, AUTOPRIDE/A-1 CARDONE, AUTOZONE/ BRAKEWARE-BENDIX, AUTOZONE/RAYBESTOS, BENDIX, BRAKEBEST, CARDONE/REPAIR & RETURN, CARQUEST/AFFINIA CHASSIS, CARQUEST/AIMCO, CARQUEST/AUTOLINE INDUSTRIES INC., CARQUEST/CARDONE, CARQUEST/CARQUEST WEAREVER, CARQUEST/RAYBESTOS, CASTING NUMBERS, DORMAN - FIRST STOP, PARTS MASTER/A-1 CARDONE, PARTS MASTER/DORMAN, PB/CARDONE, PRONTO/CARDONE, PRONTO/DORMAN, RAYBESTOS, RAYBESTOS UNBRANDED, TRU TORQUE, WAGNER BRAKE
Part Numbers: 10-1481, 18M1046, 20-1481, 201481, 2232281, 29907C, 29967C, 29975C, 5460346, 5470409, 5470410, 99-1001, E73343, FF78951, M1481, M36317, MC36317, MCA36317, R11481, R73343 Additional Information We distribute Brake Master Cylinder's. This is an OEM Product: OEM designates a replacement part made by the manufacturer of the original part used on the vehicle when it was produced. Most cars are originally assembled with parts made by companies other than the one whose emblem appears on th. Last Updated: 11/17/2018 09:10:14 AM ABOUT THE SELLER PartsCargo Inc is an online distributor channel where we supply aftermarket car parts and accessories on all major e-commerce channels and website world wide. Our Guaranteed Free Shipping delivery comes with a 1-Year Warranty & Hassle-free Returns. Partzroot sells domestic & imported automotive aftermarket parts for all years, makes, models and engine sizes. Our wide selection of brand name automobile parts and expert associates are always with you through thick and thin to expand your growth for all your automotive projects.
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Warranty Type: Dealer Warranty
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