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R12H Diesel Fuel Filter / Water Separator For R12t Marine Spin-on Housing 120AT for sale

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R12H Diesel Fuel Filter / Water Separator For R12t Marine Spin-on Housing 120AT:

Home Payment Shipping About us Contact us Details Product description New Upgrade: This product is an upgraded version of R12T. The original filter element is not removable, but the filter element of R12H only needs to be replaced with the filter paper, which saves your cost to a great extent. Please note: replacing the filter element requires a certain amount of effort to push out the old filter element. Buyer Benefits: Two filter elements and two O-rings are given for free, so there are three filter elements and four O-rings in total. Package includes: 1 x R12H Fuel Water Separator complete combo, 2 x connection fittings, 2 x plugs, 2 x additional filter elements, 2 x additional O-rings. Material Upgrade: For ships going to sea, iron products are very easy to be damaged due to the influence of seawater and sea breeze. The upgraded R12H adopts aluminum alloy material and plastic-sprayed processing technology as a whole, which effectively avoids the above-mentioned problems. Replace Part Number: S3240 R12T 120AT, 18-7987, RK10222. Features: This spin-on filter design is easy to replace, and other parts except the filter element can be reused. The black valve under the transparent nylon collection bowl can control the discharge of water. The R12H filter is designed for high-performance applications, and with a flow rate of 15 GPH. Through the advanced large-capacity filter media, water and particles as small as 10 microns are removed to ensure that the incoming fuel is free of water and other particles. The installation method is the same as R12T. You can swipe down to view the text version of the installation tutorial, or view the installation video on YouTube. Product details: 1. Fuel Water Separator Filter fit 3/8 Inch NPT Outboard Motors as well. 2. Maximum Flow Rate 15 GPH (57 LPH). 3. Port/Connecting Size M18 X 1.5 Center Thread. 4. These are more suited to compact off road diesel equipment: tractors, skid steers loaders, movers. 5. Filter Rating 10 Micron. 10 micron filters are over 90% efficiency at removing particles as small as 10 microns. 10 micron filters are recommended to protect sensitive inboard, sterndrive and outboard fuel injection systems. Designed to trap the smallest particles and emulsified water from Diesel. R12H Filter installation instruction: 1. Before installation, please remove the nylon collecting bowl and filter base to lubricate the O-ring of the filter. 2. There are 4 ports, two inputs and two outputs. We provide two plugs for the extra two ports. If you need to use two plugs, you must install them to the filter and tighten them. 3. Before installed the filter, you have to remove those plugs, teflon-tape them, and re-install them.Prevent leaks from these plugs. 4. All of the above steps are very easy to operate, you'd better use the tool to install tighten. Tips: 1. Don't be caught in the water without one of these diesel spin-on filters. 2. The R12H filter is designed for high-performance applications, and with a flow rate of 30 GPH. your engine will perform better than ever with clean, water-free fuel. 3. The inlet and outlet can be on the same side or on different sides. Refer to the schematic arrow on the base. 4. Check and replace regularly. Payment Method Shipping Policy Returns Policy About us Contact us Payment Delivery Details Returns Policy [RETURN_POLICE] About US Contact US Home Payment Shipping About us Contact us
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