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R129 and W124 Sunvisor Trim Caps - R 129 SL Class 1990-2002 - Left Yes - Righ... for sale

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R129 and W124 Sunvisor Trim Caps - R 129 SL Class 1990-2002 - Left Yes - Righ...:

  R129 and W124 Sunvisor Trim Caps - R 129 SL Class 1990-2002 - Left Yes - Right Yes - Palomino R129 and W124 Sunvisor Trim Caps - R 129 SL Class 1990-2002 - Left Yes - Right Yes - Palomino We have for Sale our reengineered aftermarket new Mercedes Benz R129 and W124 Sunvisor Trim Caps in all colors. You can order them as a special priced set of left and right Visorcorner, or as single sided Parts.They are available for Mercedes Benz R129 SLs and the Cabriolets E320 W124. The Genuine Parts are worldwide sold out! MB Part Number is 1298110361 and 1298110461 with different color options. If Mercedes Benz had already had our experience and technology available before 1990, then they probably would have had engineered the Sunvisor Trim Caps for the SLs from 1990 and the E Class Cabriolets developed as we did. Over the last 7 years, weve bought and restored about 100 Series R129 SLs with our own Mercedes-Benz SL restoration business and Classic Car Dealership TOP Classic Cars LLC in Fort Myers, FL. We know with the experience out of 30 years SLs R129 all the potential break points of their parts! Especially the the sun visor corners, the sun visor vanity mirrors and many other plastic parts more are in the meantime with more then 60% of the cars broken. As I realized that it was getting harder, and often almost impossible, to acquire original parts in usable quality on the market, I begun to develop and produce them in my Business, but as I said, in a better engineered quality. We produce all our parts in the respective solid colors, with ABS as Mercedes Benz did, but more heat resistant than the original parts. And our Parts are built at the fracture-risk areas significantly stronger, and thus guarantee a much longer life expectancy. What is the difference between the other available products and ours: Warranty: 3 years from time of purchase on the parts Quality: Every piece is produced in Fort Myers FL, and hand tested, before we ship it, to guarantee perfect quality. We designed the usually broken areas thicker, to make it not as easy to break again in another 25 years of lifetime…! The plastic parts are not painted, they are 100% produced with fresh colorized basic ABS! Our ABS is more heat resistant materials then the genuine parts have been 30 years ago. You can easy replace the worn out or broken Visor Corner Trim Caps yourself. We upload a HowTo document this weekend, to show you its a DIY-Thing! This colors are available: Black, Burgundy, Palomino, Tan, Gray, light Gray, Cream Beige. Please use our attached Color Mapping Guide to find the best fitting color for your car: Color Guide Client V1.1 We have most of the colors ready to go, produced in stock, some colors needs to get produced sometimes. So please give us in such a case max. 2 days production time before shipping the aftermarket new Mercedes Benz R129 and W124 Sunvisor Trim Caps. Usually we will ship in 1 days. Please check out our other products for the R129s and W124 E Class Cabriolets too: or   Shipping Shipping:Shipping in the US with USPS First Class  International Shipping is due to the Pandemic only available with Global Shipping Program.  Handling time: MOST of our products are in stock and ready to ship. Some of our products have to go direct in the production in your needed color after reception of the order. We will ship latest after 10 production days Payment We accept Payments Please contact us if you have any questions.
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