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NOS 1958-1974 Delco 1971244 D308R 8 Cylinder Distributor Cap CORVETTE CHEVELLE for sale

NOS 1958-1974 Delco 1971244 D308R 8 Cylinder Distributor Cap CORVETTE CHEVELLE

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NOS 1958-1974 Delco 1971244 D308R 8 Cylinder Distributor Cap CORVETTE CHEVELLE :

Hello, we recently moved into his grandfather’s old house in 2015 so we can make it our home. we spent the first few months just cleaning and grouping his old items from the attic, garage, basement, shed, and with in the house. in this house is a century of old antiques, classics, and auto parts. most of these items are marked and labeled what they are. we will do the best we can to make every buyer happy with their purchase as long as you are fair with us. one thing i know is how perception of others can classify the items for sale differently than ours. even thought this is a new page for me i am not new to . my dad sold and bought on since the early 2000’s and i worked with him on all aspects. i recommend that you look at ALL the items i have for sale listed, See Other Items, as well as, Completed Listings, that didn't sell. all items are priced to sell and anything that doesn't sell offer us a fair price. we need all the space we can and rather sell them cheap than just throw them out. most of these items are original and have been in decades of storage. all items with be mailed out with a / pay pal label and that comes with a tracking number. please make sure the address is correct on both. also all items will have free shipping as well. please be fair and i will work with you all. also ask questions and tell us any other info you might have on our items for sale. thank you and good luck.
At this point this new account has been opened for a few years now. in that time i was able to save plenty of items selling them to people who will appreciate them and have use for them. i think i sold about 1/4 of the sellable items that was found on this property and hope we can sell the rest of them with ease. our response has been wonderful and i want to keep this trend up. if there is any problem at all with any items that i sell just let me know and i will fix it. i want the chance to rectify any mishaps. i strive for 100% satisfaction and will work with you to resolve any issues whatsoever. we are all humans and mistakes do happen in life. so before leaving any neutral or negative response or any less than 5 star rating, please contact me first and let me know what happened and what i can do to make you 100% happy with you purchase. remember these items haven't seen the light of day in 50ish years so use your discretion. thanks and happy offerding.NEW CAP IN BOX, VERY DUSTY AND DIRTY BUT IT STILL NEVER BEEN USED.
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