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Model T Ford BLOCK 1924 SN. 810687480 for sale

Model T Ford BLOCK  1924 SN. 810687480

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Model T Ford BLOCK 1924 SN. 810687480:

Parting out a 1924 Model T Ford engine. SN. 810687480. Dissembled. Cleaned. Inspected. 2 cracks between water passage and head bolt. I circled in 1 picture and point to in another picture. Most think this is ok. 1 valve guide chipped on bottom I point to in picture. Block deck will probably need surfaced. Needs all new valves and possibly lifters. MAIN BEARING BABBITTS PROTECTED DURING CLEANING. No noticeable ring grove. .010 overbore. Re-ringing the .010 oversize pistons possible. You be the judge. Had to cut out the center main bolts so new ones needed. One rod nut missing. YOU ARE GETTING EVERYTHING IN PICTURES. Check pictures for what you are getting.------------------ A question and answer from er--------------Hello, what would shipping be if it was to be broken down and shipped in separate boxes to California or if it was shipped on a truck to the same zip code--------------------------Probably would be difficult to ship. That is the reason I say pick up only. Don't know how much it would cost to ship to your address but I did weigh it and whole unit weights about 180lbs. You might try U-Ship for cost to ship. I would shrink wrap it to a pallet about 2' x 2' x 2' and load on the shippers truck for 40.00.------------ If broken down into 2 packages and shipped via usp it might be around 1.00 a lb. or around 180.00 to ship. I would charge 80.00 to prepare for shipping 2 boxes and drop off at a ups shipping center. So as you can see it would probably be too expensive to ship. BTW my zip is 66617 if you want to check shipping charges. Thanks, Louis

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