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Ford Big Block 352 360 390 428 C5AE-D Main engine crank pulley P/N#C4SZ-6A312-B for sale

Ford Big Block 352 360 390 428 C5AE-D Main engine crank pulley P/N#C4SZ-6A312-B

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Ford Big Block 352 360 390 428 C5AE-D Main engine crank pulley P/N#C4SZ-6A312-B :

For Sale:(( All information is best of MY knowledge. It is buyer's responsibility to be correct before buying ))
Ford Big Block FE main engine crank pulley (3 groove)
Years: 1965-1967 1965 1966 1967 (1968?)Engines: 352 360 390 428 Big Block FE w/ a/cType item: Engine main crank pulleyFord "Engineering number (number etched into item itself" : C5AE-DFord Part number : C4SZ-6A312-B
I have set my price cheapest on for "THIS" exact item. If you want to check I'll still be selling items here with 100% POSITIVE response for the lowest TOTAL PRICE SHIPPING INCLUDED when you come back.* AND YES, The one listed for $25 is mine too. This one is in better shape and costs $29** The pictures show the other brackets/pulleys i have at the start of this sale on the table.They may not still be available as they may have already sold. Please inquire if you want. **** The engines these items go to are the : 289 302 351W 351C 352 360 390 428 428CJ 429 429CJ**
The rules:
1. Information: I list all information to my best ability. I Possibly may make an error. It is the buyer's responsibility to check application and numbers and be correct before buying.2. Selling: I have an everyday job Mon-Fri. I do this for a hobby. I will check all questions/responses or inquiries at my earliest convenience. Shipping USUALLY has to wait until weekends.3. Shipping / Handling: I only ship to "THE LOWER 48" Continental United States. AS I ALMOST ALWAYS DO NOT CHARGE FOR SHIPPING I CAN NOT SHIP OVERSEAS AND TO ALASKA AND HAWAII BECAUSE OF INCREASED COSTS. I DO NOT SHIP TO CANADA OR FOREIGN COUNTRIES because of previous purchases of customs paperwork/costs/time spent doing all that at post office.4. Refunds: Simple... NONE. I have given all information. I supplied descriptions and pictures showing items. " IF YOU BUY IT, YOU BOUGHT IT, HOPE IT WORKS FOR YOU."
** I'm always open to questions inquiries about Ford FoMoCo 60's - Earlier 70's parts (Usually engine)
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