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Fits 1999-2001 BMW 750iL Rear HartBrakes Blank Brake Rotors + Ceramic Brake Pads for sale

Fits 1999-2001 BMW 750iL Rear HartBrakes Blank Brake Rotors + Ceramic Brake Pads

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Fits 1999-2001 BMW 750iL Rear HartBrakes Blank Brake Rotors + Ceramic Brake Pads:


• Promotes faster & more even brake pads bed-in.
• Provides quieter & smoother stopping performance O.E. SPEC GUARANTEED FITMENT No modifications required. CERAMIC BRAKE PADS LOW DUST LONGEST WEARING MOST ADVANCE MATERIAL AVAILABLE 100% SCORCHED FOR EASY BED-IN 100% SHIMMED TO ELIMINATE NOISE AND VIBRATION POSITIVE MOLDED FOR EVEN WEAR CHARACTERISTICS STABLE FRICTION PERFORMANCE ACROSS A WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE 100% ASBESTOR-FREE FORMULAS Q. ARE THE PRODUCTS BRAND NEW? YES. All of our US Direct Parts items are 100% brand new. Q. DO YOU NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT MY VEHICLE? At checkout, please include the year, make, and model. Also include additional information. Ex: engine size (liters), 2wd, 4wd, 4 cyl or V6, turbo or non-turbo, abs or non-abs, etc. Q. ARE THERE ANY SPECIAL MODIFICATIONS NECESSARY TO INSTALL THESE ROTORS? All of our brakes rotors are Original Equipment Manufecturer (OEM) spec. No modification needed. Q. HOW LONG CAN I EXPECT MY NEW brakes TO LAST ME? All of our brakes parts are designed with longevity in mind, but it will depend on many different factors such as the type of vehicle you are driving, type of driver you are (aggressive driver, normal driver, etc.), different outputs of your engine, or even your different driving environment. For example, a stop and go driver in traffic will have a shorter rotor life than one that drives mostly on an open highway. Q. WILL MY ROTORS STAY COMPLETELY SILVER? When you first receive your order they will be completely silver. After initial brakes-in procedure, where the pad and the rotor comes into contact, the silver will wear off leaving the hub, edge, and inner vanes silver. Q. WHAT COATING DO THE ROTORS HAVE? The drilled/slotted brake rotors can with silver, black, or gold zinc plating. The plain non drilled or slotted blank rotors do not come with zinc plating. The zinc coating on the brake surface will rub off after the initial bed-in period. The braking surface, the cross drills holes and/or slots if applicable can develop surface rust over time, depending on weather, climate, driving conditions, or left parked for a long extended period. Please be aware that zinc plating aide against rust but not prevent rust indefinitely. Q. WHAT IS YOUR RETURN POLICY? Buyer has 30 days to return when buyer receives the item. We will refund the same method how buyer paid for the item. Items being returned must be in brand new condition as it originally came with the original boxes, hardware, manuals, accessories, etc. to receive a refund. Buyers are responsible for shipping expenses including duty and/or custom fees and a 15% restocking fee will not charge you the 15% stocking fee if we shipped out the wrong item(s). Q. WHAT IS YOUR WARRANTY POLICY? We offer a 1-year warranty against warping and cracking. In order to process a warranty claim for warped rotors, you will need to provide us a brake or service report from certified and licensed shop or dealership. The report must include information and/or test results that prove the rotor(s) to be at warped. US Direct Parts is not responsible and will not pay for any outside cost such as storage, mechanical work or diagnostic testing. Warranty claim is for one time and only for a replacement. Q. IS THERE WARRANTY AGAINST RUST? There is no warranty agains rust. Q. IS THERE WARRANTY AGAINST BRAKE NOISE? There is no warranty against brake noise. All brake pads, regardless of type or brand will have a chance to make noise. Brake pad noise does not mean the pads are bad or defective. There are many variables that can affect brake noise. Q. WHY DO YOU SHIP IN UNMARK BOXES AND PACKING? Actual packaging may vary from image. We ship in unmarked boxes and packaging and pass the savings on to our customers Q ARE THE ROTORS AND PADS IMAGES THE ACTUAL ITEMS I WILL RECEIVE? No. Actual items can vary due to fitment specification. DO NOT confirm your fitment base on images. Please check fitment details for things such as trim, sub-models, production date, etc… thoroughly to ensure proper fitment. Q HOW DO WE REACH YOU IF WE HAVE FURTHER QUESTIONS? We here at US Direct Parts found that we are currently better able to handle our many customer inquiries by messaging. But we also get customers who prefer to talk to a live professional that can help you get the right part right away. Our business hours are from 8:00am to 6:00pm PST (Mon-Fri). CHECK OUT OUR FULL LINE:
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