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Edmunds dual triple carburetor stromberg 97 1932 ford hot rod 1934 fuel block for sale

Edmunds dual triple carburetor stromberg 97 1932 ford hot rod 1934 fuel block

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Edmunds dual triple carburetor stromberg 97 1932 ford hot rod 1934 fuel block:

I'm cleaning out the garage. Up for sale is aEdmunds dual triple carburetor stromberg 97 1932 ford hot rod fuel block.Nice condition. There are4 holes in it, fuel line hole in thenthree fuel line holes out. However itwould be very easy to put a brass plug in one of the out holes if your only using 2 carbs.I expect to be paid in full within 5 days after the sale ends.

I will try to get this shipped out without within 1 working days time. However sometimes if its really hectic at work and I can't get away it can take a few days. If your in urgent need of this part and do need it shipped within that 1 working days time please let me know. Weekends none of my local shipping places are open. So if you purchase something on a friday at 3 pm or weekend, please keep in mind, no one will be around for me to ship it until monday.

I have no problem selling or shipping overseas/Canada. In general it costs around $100 extra in shipping expenses to ship overseas/Canada. If you have no problem paying the approximateadditional $100 in shipping fee's click the buy it now, I'll get a exact shipping cost and send you a invoice. I don't make money on shipping, sometimes its more than $100 sometimes its less, I only charge you what USPS charges me. If the shipping ends up being more than your comfortable with we can cancel the sale.

I will accept returns if you have a valid issue. If you buy valve covers from me that are painted chevy orange and you don't think they are the "correct" chevy orange and want to return them for that sole reason, that is not a valid issue and wouldn't fall under the terms that you can return the item. If you have a issue and want to return the item, you must notify me within 14 days of the sale end date. If you have any questions, concerns, want additional pictures, etc, all this should be addressed before you buy the item. On all returns you are responsible for shipping expenses to send the item back and wouldn't be reimbursed for that. Everything returned needs to be returned in the same box it was shipped in and packaged the same as I shipped it to you. If a item being returned becomes damaged in shipping it back to me, because you packed it incorrectly/different then I did, you would be responsible for all damages and the expense to repair the damage would be deducted from your refund. On all returns the item returned must be in the same condition I sent it to you in.

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