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Complete 1970 Chevrolet 454 LS-4 - 3963512 Engine and 400 Turbo Trans for sale

Complete 1970 Chevrolet 454 LS-4 - 3963512 Engine and 400 Turbo Trans

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Complete 1970 Chevrolet 454 LS-4 - 3963512 Engine and 400 Turbo Trans :

1970 LS-4- 454 totally complete original Chevrolet engine and totally complete original matching 1970 turbo 400 transmission. This is the factory original engine and transmission that was installed in this particular 1970 Chevrolet Caprice before it was removed from the vehicle and put into storage several years ago. The paperwork and factory stampings on this engine verify that this is the correct factory engine/transmission combination installed in this particular vehicle. Please Note: this engine is an LS-4, the code on the block is CGV which signifies a 1970 LS-4 345 HP 4 BBL with a Turbo 400 installed in a Full Size Vehicle. The codes for an LS-5 are as follow: CRN, CRQ and CRT. The LS-4 is 345 HP while the LS-5 is 360HP. With that said the LS-4 and LS-5 are basically identical engines - the only difference I believe between the LS-4 and LS-5 is the cam shaft and chrome accessories. I urge everyone to do their own research on the date codes and stamping numbers. I do hope I did not cause any misunderstanding or confusion, again I apologize. As you can see this motor/transmission is a time capsule unit complete with the factory GM Protect-O-Plate and 1970 Chevrolet Pre-Delivery Service and Adjustment Check Sheet. The water pump has been changed and as you can see the dealership repair order confirms this. Obviously this engine/transmission has not been run for sometime andwill need a total and complete overhaul and rebuild but with the skill level, parts availability and technology that exist today this is truly a challenge to be accepted. A positive note the crank turns easily. Imagine if you will, there cannot exist more than a handful of complete 1970 Engine / Transmissions this complete anywhere. In fact even the air cleaner wing nut is there. The casting numbers are as follow:Block Number: 3963512Pad Number: T0825CGVBuild Date: H23 9Carb Number: 7040200EE 2329Transmission Number: 70B217Vehicle Serial Number: 166390U113209Exhaust Manifold Left Side: 3914613Exhaust Manifold Right Side: 3916178Intake Manifold: 3855287Cylinder Head: 3964280Thermostat Housing: 3877660
I do not know the full history of this unit forI purchased this unit at an estate sale that was in the process of liquidating a number of GM/Chevrolet Parts and Accessories. Certainly any verification of numbers, date codes and quality of the entire assembly up to and including a professional machine shop disassembly is more than welcome and can be finalized before the end of the sale. If I can be of help in any way with regard to additional pictures and/or checking of external numbers please ask. Any internal numbers or removal of parts for visual inspection should be done by trained professionals in the proper setting and environment. There is a 5-Star machine shop in my area that could accommodate any and all requests. Also, only if the buyer was completely and totally satisfied after machine shop inspection would sale be complete. Please Note: this engine and transmission assembly is being sold as is where is with no implied or specified warranty of any type. Thank you. Please check out our 2 sister sites: agh590 and roge_pavl. Again thanks. To the best of my knowledge this engine has never been apart. Before placing a offer please contact me. If you are serious about this item I will pay for the inspection tear down of the engine to be sure that it is a quality item and can be rebuilt. Once that is determined we can complete the purchase and the buyer can be at ease with their purchase. From that point on, once the sale is complete, the buyer can then make a decision as to what and / or where the rebuild should take place. Thank You. PLEASE NOTE: this motor / tranny combo is for sale locally so I reserve the right to end this sale early. Thanks

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