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Blue Thunder Ford 292 312 Y Block Dual Plane 4 Barrel Intake Manifold for sale

Blue Thunder Ford 292 312 Y Block Dual Plane 4 Barrel Intake Manifold

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Blue Thunder Ford 292 312 Y Block Dual Plane 4 Barrel Intake Manifold:

This listing is for a Blue Thunder aluminum 272-312 four barrel dual plane intake manifold.

I first started purchasing this manifold 12 years ago. Since then there has been a few tweaks to the casting that have upped the performance. I have personally seen this manifold pickup 32 hp without giving up low end torque; just by switching the manifold!

I have been told this manifold is worth as much as 71 hp when you port match your cylinder heads, and fine tune your engine. I've personally seen 56 hp after port match and fine tune.

Let the pictures tell the story for you. This beautiful casting that has been shot peened with stainless steel to keep a natural bright aluminum finish that won't change colors and rust, un-like the M*****t manifold. More things that set this manifold apart from others: AUTHENTICITY! It is not difficult to make this manifold look original, unlike other Y-block manifolds this has the heat riser on bottom as well as other important original features seen in photos!

The manifold has been pressure tested in the water jacket, heat riser, upper & lower plenum to 60 psi. Blue Thunder manifolds are highly detailed, what you see in the picture is the same quality you will receive. I don't & won't take pictures of items that are not representative of the piece you will receive.

I have used other aftermarket Y-block manifolds, and I can tell you without a doubt; this manifold is the best piece available. If you're tired of other manifolds that have weird names cast on them, no heat riser, rough casting, misaligned ports and leaks; this is the manifold for you. Please note: we reserve the right to replace this manifold with the more expensive, newest version that has the firing order cast on the front in the event we run out of this older in sell:

1) Blue Thunder 292-313 Intake Manifold.

1) Rear Runner Bolt.

1) Set Of Hardened asked this the only brand of 312 manifold you carry, or do you sell other manufacturers of the strict and high-quality manufacturing procedures Blue Thunder holds, we only offer the Blue Thunder manifold in the 272-312 application in our store. On occasion we have different style manifolds available from this specific manufacturer. Please free to shoot shoot us over a question if you need something that you think we may carry. Furthermore I feel this warrants a blunt honest answer. When we were offering other manufacturers manifolds we were compelled to pressure check the product before shipping due to the high amount of complaints. What we found is that almost 40% of other Y-Block manifolds had some kind of leak. When you add up the fact it takes close to 2 hours to properly pressure test an intake manifold and $94.00 to impregnate the leaking ones, we were spending almost $300.00 per manifold with transportation; and when someone else is offering “the same manifold for $300.00 less it’s hard to explain. When all’s said and done we’d rather sell the better product, a product made by people who care about their you stock this item, or is it going to be shipped to me from some third-party that I didn't purchase it from?


Every item we sell or advertise is in stock, and will arrive on or before the date required; with one exception: saving time and money. Based on our customers location, we will ship direct from factory and refund the savings to the you offer rush shipments?


We do not encourage rush orders, but if there is some kind of unseen issue that warrants an urgent shipment let us know we are here to help. We don't want our customers spending extra money on shipping when they could be spending their hard earned money on additional product for their NOTE THAT THIS QUESTION WAS ORIGINALLY PERTAINING TO A BIGGER FE MANIFOLD CASTING, BUT STILL APPLIES*

I purchased an E********k manifold last month because the Blue Thunder manifold was not available, and there are holes and what appears to be gas in the manifold; what should I do?


I’m really glad you asked this question Derick, and if you don’t mind I am going to use your question on our page. If you have already purchased the manifold and you’re sure it will work for your application I say use it! Just because the casting isn’t perfect doesn’t mean it won’t work. You will find the bigger a casting gets the more likely it is to have some kind of flaws, even in the Blue Thunder piece. The question is do the flaws effect the functionality of the manifold? You should still inspect your casting and if there’s issues with gas/porosity in pertinent areas such as water jacket and/or holes going from pushrod to port like we commonly find with other manufacturers. If so, we suggest contacting the manufacturer of the manifold to see how you would like to proceed. Remember to have reasonable expectation especially with a large casting like the FE, and just because they don’t measure up to the Blue Thunder casting doesn’t mean they’re crap. We use other manifolds in our shop as well but our-go-to-manifold is always the Blue bought a similar item from someone else on and they never arrived, what do I do?


You need to contact the person you purchased them from first. If you cannot find resolve take the next step and file a clam through . Once your problem has been resolved feel free to place your order with us.


Do you take love to take deposits as much as the next store, but there are people who will promise their customers anything to get their money. The process of taking deposits in this industry has been burned many times over. The best way to keep a clean reputation such as we have is to do business on the up-and-up, for us that means selling product when it’s available; and fronting all the capitol for purchase (not using customers money for capital), so we do not take deposits unless it is something very unique we are doing for our you offer these manifolds painted?


Yes, on occasion we set-up to paint these manifolds; but we will need the specific color code you are using. For the best match possible we will need you to provide the the exact brand paint and color code on can you’ve used in the rest of your engine. We charge a flat $50.00 plus cost of paint (usually $10.00 depending on paint). Please keep in mind this process takes an additional 3-5 days for proper paint curing (depending on paint). We stock and have most paints available, in the event we do not have your specific color available you will need to tack-on a few additional is a lot of money for a manifold, what makes it so special?


Well, we added a little extra narrative in our description this year to give the customers a better idea of what they are paying for; because you are not the first person to ask this question, so we’ll answer it in two parts.

Part1) The best way to sum this up is that you’re not purchasing a commodity item. Every manifold is handled dozens of times by numerous different employees, this ensures that nothing gets missed before going out the door. After having long talks with the manufacture they describe their merchandise as table dressings/jewelry. If you bought your wife a beautiful diamond ring and within one month the diamonds start coming out you will be an unhappy customer. Blue Thunder does not have unhappy customers because merchandise is falling apart, they have unhappy customers because long production times! The way Blue Thunder explains it to me, they wouldn’t have it any other way “the faster manufacturing go’s the more chance things get missed, and we’re not going to miss anything”!

Part2) Blue Thunder only uses the finest materials and equipment available for their manufacturing. It starts when the manifold is cast from Aircraft certified foundries and finishes with their method of cleaning the casting before it’s packaged. You will not find embedded material on their product that will find its way into your engine, like so many others! Every time I speak with the people at Blue Thunder it’s very clear that every step has been meticulously thought through. This is why they have one of the finest names in the Ford industry!

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