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421 Super Duty/H.O. Pontiac block for sale

421 Super Duty/H.O. Pontiac block

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421 Super Duty/H.O. Pontiac block:

Early 421 Pontiac block, 1963 part number but is a replacement SR block actually cast. February 1964. Non stamped. Very heavy casting. I have had this block for many years. I was going to use it in my '61 Catalina as an SD clone. I am never going to get to it so I've decided to sell it. This block is .030 over. It has been to the machine shop and checked out ok. #1 cylinder has been sleeved. The deck has been squared and it is ready to go. If you look at the pictures of the drivers side rear area someone tried to convert it to a later style and mount the starter to the block. They cut the reinforcing web out and brazed in a little piece on the edge for the outside mounting bolt. This doesn't affect the strength as later style blocks didn't have this reinforcing webbing at all. Hard to find block ready for a Super Duty engine build. I will strap the engine to a pallet and deliver it to my friend's shop which is a commercial address to make shipping it easier but the buyer must arrange their own truck freight or pick it up in person.
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