ITEM: itemID 3 Row Radiator Shroud Fan Fit 1978-1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS/Olds Cutlass G-body for sale -
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3 Row Radiator Shroud Fan Fit 1978-1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS/Olds Cutlass G-body for sale

3 Row Radiator Shroud Fan Fit 1978-1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS/Olds Cutlass G-body

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3 Row Radiator Shroud Fan Fit 1978-1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS/Olds Cutlass G-body:

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    [title] DESCRIPTION

    Package Includes:

    1 X 3-RowAA5052Aluminum Radiator
    1 X CNC Machined Radiator Cap

    1 X AA5052Aluminum Shroud

    2 X 12" Fans (Includes mounting kits)

    1 X Thermostat Relay Kit


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    Material: Full aluminum

    Core Dimensions: 17" H x 26-1/4" W x 2 1/4" T
    Overall Dimensions: 18-1/4" H x 31-5/8" W x 2-1/2" T
    Upper Inlet: 1-1/2" located on the Driver side
    Lower Outlet: 1-1/2" located on the Passenger side
    Trans Cooler Included -1/2" 20 STRAIGHT THREAD G1/4-
    Mount Type: Saddle

    Aids to Cool the Entire Engine Bay, including Radiator, A/C System, Intercooler, Oil System, and Transmission
    Performance JDM Spec. Racing Design
    OE Fitment or Replacement, Push or Pull Type
    Maximum Fan CFM: 1730 cfm
    Fan Diameter (in): 12.050”
    Thickness (in): 2.500”
    Number of Blades: 10 blades
    Maximum Fan RPM: 2,250 rpma
    Blade Material: Plastic
    Amp Draw: 12.70 amps

    AA5052Aluminum Shroud and Fans:

    The New Design fan and theAA5052fan shroud effectively drive the heat over and out the engine compartment rather than thrusting it into the front of the engine. The fan shroud basically houses the fan blades securing it in place and keeping it from damaging the other engine components that may disturb the smooth and even operation of the engine. With excellent operating temperature management, allowable levels of engine temperature are stabilized. Investing in proper maintenance though will considerably benefit the ride and driving quality in maintaining the ideal working conditions of the engine.

    1.Shuttered designAA5052fan shroud to guaranteed airflow passes high efficiently.Make your engine bay perfect!
    2. S blade fans, Push or Pull Type design,lightweight Plastic Durable Material.

    3. Additional with thermostat,professional matching advice, considerfor every detail and needed

    Thermostat Relay Kit:

    Universal fit for any automotive vehicle and electric fan.

    Activates by grounding electric fans at preset temperature.

    180'F turn-on temperature, 165'F turn-off temperature.

    3/8" NPT thread-in brass probe

    Probe typically threads into radiator, water outlet or manifold.

    RED wire: connect directly to battery.
    WHITE wire: ignition switch power source.
    BLACK wire: connect thermos switch.

    BLUE wire: connect the Fans.

    1. Made from AircraftAA5052grade aluminum for prolonged lifespanand with raw aluminum finish

    2. Brazed core technology to guarantee optimum performance and dependability

    3. All AA5052Aluminum 2mm thick tanks and fittings,Ensure it's hard and durable

    4. Billet Aluminum CNC machined fill neck rugged and durable

    5. Ergonomic design CNC machined cap with Engraved craftsmanship, anodized treatment.

    6. OEM style brass petcock drain much better than other plastic one on

    7. Carefully crafted to exceptional OE standards for precise fit.

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