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1969-74 Chevy Camaro A/C Upper Bracket mount 3969910 Chevelle Nova Big Block for sale

1969-74 Chevy Camaro A/C Upper Bracket mount 3969910 Chevelle Nova Big Block

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1969-74 Chevy Camaro A/C Upper Bracket mount 3969910 Chevelle Nova Big Block:

super nice chevrolet A/C compressor mount check for your apps see store for more stuff!

GTOQQRIXRAG123 (My Goat) (My Convertible) (Starts with 1...)
OUR STOREWe are located east of Toledo, Ohio. I have been building cars from our family garage since 1992, starting with 1966, 67 GTO/Lemans/Tempest, and 1st generation firebirds.We mostly have 65, 66 big Pontiac parts; Some 66, 67 GTO/Lemans parts, and a lot of 65-70 motor parts.I am proud to say we have had over 80 cars since1976!We are starting to reduce our inventory of "hard to find" restoration parts for 65 and 66 big Pontiac's, and 66, 67 GTO parts. We are selling off the stash as fast as we can get them boxed for safe shipping!Since our inventory has grown so large, the easiest way to sort through our items would be to go to our store and use the search bar in the top left corner. For Example type in the part name/year “GTO” (for a wider search), “66 Bonneville Fender” etc. sometimes it’s a challenge since we mostly handle 65-67 GTO/Grand Prix/Bonneville parts, so we might make errors in some of our ads. If you notice anything PLEASE let me know! I can use the help to identify if necessary! We are just trying to help a good guy get a break!We will not send a part out before inspecting it and reporting anything you need to know!So see our store and save a bundle! We buy unfinished project cars, hassle free, and fairly. Many of our parts listed have similar ones like them here. If it's not exactly what you need, see my store or ask. We gladly accept all payment methods!
CONTACT INFO:You can contact me through with any questions. I will be more than happy to find an answer for you! I read through my messages daily and will reply to you ASAP!SHIPPING:We try to get a fair cost put in ad's since the provided calculator is usually way off.All of our larger parts will have some modest packaging fee due to 's added on to all shipping costs an additional 10%, $4 a roll tape, and box costs; Anything smaller than 24x24x20 is not applicable.We ship overseas, but it must be the cost, plus duties, and some for the extensive paperwork.We also combine shipping.And as usual we will be in set up at our local Norwalk Tri-power Weekend event in August. So anything I sell I can bring there for free if prepaid.As you know shipping can be difficult and time consuming. We will try our best to get your item to you in a timely fashion! Just remember delays may happen. So patience and common courtesy is highly appreciated, as are all top marks on responses left and received.

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