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1965 Corvette Used Factory Original ULTRA RARE 456:1 Big Block Rearend Coded FC for sale

1965 Corvette Used Factory Original ULTRA RARE 456:1 Big Block Rearend Coded FC

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1965 Corvette Used Factory Original ULTRA RARE 456:1 Big Block Rearend Coded FC :

F.Y.I.::: I have a couple customers interested in this item and I am lowering the price "again" on this RARE part for a "couple days" to $2,500. from the $3,500. I have been asking. (I HAD ONLY lowered this part in the past for a "quick sale" because I had ANOTHER CAR that I wanted to buy, I sold a couple of OTHER bigger dollar items, so I raised the price of this back up)(no longer needed it to be discounted) Also lowered shipping $25. to help out. Short time change! SORRY FOR ANY CONFUSION! (dchughes). For Sale:A Used Factory Original unrestored 1965 Corvette 396 Big Block Positraction Rear End, Coded FC 5 7 65 (FC = 4.56:1 Positraction 4-Speed with 396) (5 7 65 = Build Date: May 7th 1965). This is ULTRA RARE "FACTORY" 4.56:1 (Gear Ratio), Main Housing #3876476-N Dated A 15 5 (Jan.15th 1965) GM Ring & Pinion # 3894568 Dated: 1 2 65 (Jan.2nd 1965). Overall this rearend is in good shape, I power washed and "cleaned" the outside, pulled the rear cover, drained the fluid, ring and pinion look very good. Very nice unrestored 396 BIG BLOCK 4.56:1 rear end. This rear end will be shipped WITHOUT FLUID! A ULTRA RARE piece do not miss out! A good date coded 396 rearend. This is a Factory Original 1965 Big block Corvette rear end. If you are building a N.C.R.S. or Bloomington Gold type 1965 Big Block Corvette this may be just what you need! This rearend would work for any 1963 through 1979 Corvette, but this rearends "true value" is in its 1965 Big Block date codes & 4.56:1 gear ratio for a rare 1965 corvette with a 396 big block engine. Original Corvette date coded rearend. This is a used unrestored rearend that may or may not need to be restored and is Sold AS IS. This rearend has been sitting around for a LONG time and the seals and bearings are probably dried out and it probably "should be rebuilt"/Restored. Used as is? WITH new gaskets and seals (brgs.?) or restore to be perfect. Sold AS IS. PLEASE NOTE: ULTRA RARE! 1965 was the 1st year for BIG BLOCK Rear ends,Only made 396 Corvettes last half of 1965 (so limited Production). This Factory ORIGINAL 1965 Big Block 396 Rear End with Factory 4.56:1 gear ratio, (Could very easily be the FIRST BB 396 4.56:1 rear end, and may ALSO be the ONLY ORIGINAL 4.56:1 BB rear end in 1965. Could VERY EASILY be a 1 of 1 rear end for 1965?? How many 1965 Big Block 396 Corvettes were ordered with the 4.56:1 Gear Ratio???????Winning buyer to pay $200.00shipping (very heavy & new postal 2018 price increase) and handling if inside thecont. 48 U.S. Will make a wood box for shipping.Please note: We do ship WORLDWIDE!! Also we are very rural and ship just "once" a week & longer for heavy Items like this. Thanks for looking!

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