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1965 BBC 396/425HP Engine Short Block 3855962 4 Bolt Main Dated F95 STD Bore WOW for sale

1965 BBC 396/425HP Engine Short Block 3855962 4 Bolt Main Dated F95 STD Bore WOW

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1965 BBC 396/425HP Engine Short Block 3855962 4 Bolt Main Dated F95 STD Bore WOW:

This is a real deal 1965 396/425HP short block. The shortblock consists of the 4 bolt main block, original GM "6223" forged steel crankshaft, GM forged connecting rods, and TRW forged pistons. The casting number on the block is 3855962. The casting date is F 9 5 which decodes as June 9th, 1965. The 3855962 block only came with 4 bolt main caps and was used exclusively for high performance 396 engines in 1965-1966 model years. This is a true 1965 block with the "fangs" above the timing cover and bellhousing mounting flange which is only found on early blocks and is a dead giveaway when looking for originality. This is a very rare and hard to find shortblock.

This shortblock is in very good original condition as shown. It has been in cool, dry storage for decades after being rebuilt. Amazingly, this block is still standard bore! It has one professionally installed sleeve as shown, The shortblock turns over smoothly with no binding. All cylinders look great with light pitting at the top of one cylinder as shown which should cause no issues. Since this shortblock has been sitting for so long, it should be disassembled, inspected, and reassembled before use. Finding a true 1965 3855962 block is a difficult task. Finding a standard bore shortblock is unheard of! Don't miss this awesome find!

The original heads off this shortblock can be found in my other listings. The item number is372752314977.

This is simply an awesome original 1965 396/425HP 4 bolt main shortblock. Don't miss this awesome chance to own a real deal 1965 L78 shortblock!

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I will be happy to palletize this engine at a cost of $20 which is what it will cost for the straps and pallet. I will also drop this engine off at any shipping terminal within 45 miles of Santa Cruz, CA free of charge. Shipping arrangements and paymentare the responsibility of the buyer. Most of my customers end up using YRC freight which used to be Roadway Express and Yellow Freight. Other customers have had luck with The weight of the shortblock when palletized will be about 400 pounds.

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