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1965-1970 Chevrolet Impala v8 engine starter block mount bracket support for sale

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1965-1970 Chevrolet Impala v8 engine starter block mount bracket support :

Description above in seller notes and item specifics.Any questions feel free to email, thanks.Please contact us with any issues before starting a claim through . We will do our best to resolve the problem.BUYER'S NOTE All the items we list the exact year and model the part was removed from. We make mistakes and sometimes the parts may have been changed over the years and could have come from a different year or model. We try to list the years and models as best we can with the information we have for interchange between models. But for your own sake if the part does not look correct to your application research before offerding. Please do not wait till you receive the part and come to the conclusion it is the wrong part and expect to be reinbursed for shipping costs. We also offer for added fees your part can be blasted or powder coated and ready to install once you receive it. Email for a price quote. CHECK OUT OUR store FOR MORE GREAT DEALS ON CLASSIC USED PARTS!SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS: FOR A ACCURATE QUOTE THE BUYER'S ZIP CODE MUST BE ENTERED IN THE SHIPPING DETAILS.WARRANTY INFORMATION: NO WARRANTY IS WRITTEN OR IMPLIED ON ANY USED PARTS WE SELL. ALL PARTS ARE SOLD AS IS WITH NO GUARANTEES WRITTEN OR IMPLIED.PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME ITEMS WE HAVE IN STOCK MAY NOT BE THE SAME AS THE ONES PICTURED DUE TO HAVING DUPLICATES. WE TRY AND POST A PICTURE OF THE WORST ONE WE HAVE IN STOCK SO THE ONE YOU RECEIVE IS IN BETTER SHAPE MOST OF THE TIME IF IT IS A DUPLICATE.
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