2017 Bentley Bentayga W12 | Loaded | Great Condition | 16k Miles For Sale

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Bentley Bentayga

Make:   Bentley
Model:   Bentayga
Mileage:   15731 miles
Transmission:   Automatic
Engine Size:   6.0L V12 CC
VIN:   SJAAC2ZV9HC012620
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2017 Bentley Bentayga W12 Black on Black Leather$--- MSRP600HP 6.0 12-cylinder Twin Turbo Engine w/ 8 Speed ZF TransmissionRebuilt title with no accidents (recovered theft - details below)Here are a few notable options from the VIN build sheet (full VIN sheet at the end of this listing):Exclusive Quilted LeatherTouring SpecificationRear Captain's Seats21" WheelsThermal and Privacy GlassTop and Rear View CameraSeat Heating/Ventilation Front and RearMassage Function Seats Front and RearDeep-Pile CarpetNaim AudioThe Black exterior is in great condition with very few imperfections - Nothing glaring, or too noticeable; I rate the exterior a 9/10 due to normal road use. No dents, gouges, or anything of the sort. The Black quilted leather interior is in great condition with one minor imperfection over the top left side of the dash; I rate it a 9/10 as well. The vehicle runs flawlessly and has no issues mechanically, whatsoever. Oil change was just done on the car.The vehicle functions perfectly, drives as smoothly, and is as much of a presence on the road as any Bentley is. Again, the car is completely ready to get in and drive; no service lights, nor any maintenance items are needed. Please see below for a video of the car and for a complete build sheet.As far as the title goes, the car will come with a Rebuilt branded title.The vehicle has never been in a collision or flood, it was purchased as a Salvage branded title directly from StateFarm Insurance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As an ASE Certified Mechanic, I deal with these types of vehicles all the time and this is not the first rebuilt vehicle I have sold here on eBay. All work done was completed professionally by myself, or my highly trained staff. This particular vehicle was a recovered theft. Other than maintenance and repairing/replacing minor items that were tampered with (the GPS and satellite antennas were disconnected and the radio head-unit was stolen), the vehicle had no major mechanical work and no paint/bodywork.We have put about a few hundred miles on the vehicle since the work was done and the car has performed flawlessly. We will be test-driving the car more throughout the duration of the listing, as well. Feel free to inspect the vehicle yourself, have it taken to a Bentley dealer/another shop, or to send an inspector. Please contact me with any questions you may have. Cell phone: 312-792-8944Thank you for your interest! 2017 Bentley Bentayga W12 - YouTube Video will open in a new windowUsing the eBay App? Paste link into a browser window: [isdntekvideo]                                                                                                                        FAQAnswerWhy is your car cheaper than most others on eBay?My cars are generally listed cheaper because they are all rebuilt titled cars. This means the car was formerly totaled and given a salvage title, repaired by me, and inspected by the state to allow the car to be driven/registered again. Please read the details written above for exact specifics of the work done to this car.I've been told to stay away from salvage or rebuilt cars - why are yours different?I am a well established mechanic/auto repair shop first and foremost. Our bread and butter is working on higher end luxury/exotic cars day in and day out. We handle anything from oil changes, to full engine rebuilds on these cars. We are well established as a reputable shop in Chicago and have been in the same location for about 20 years. I am also an established seller here on eBay - we have been buying and selling rebuilt-titled cars on eBay for 8-9 years now and have 100% feedback.Why do most of your listings seem to have similar descriptions when talking about the damages?As a mechanic, I mostly try to purchase cars that need engine work. Most of the time when an insurance company takes possession of a non-running car that hasn't been in an accident, the car was typically involved in a flood. I'm a very specific buyer and will not buy or sell a vehicle that has had water breach the passenger cabin. None of the cars I sell on eBay will have had water anywhere other than the engine bay. I do purchase collision/accident vehicles as well if there are extenuating circumstances, but that is rare. 90% of my vehicles are non-accident cars that needed engine work.What is the difference between a salvage-titled car and a rebuilt-titled car?A rebuilt-titled car has been fully repaired and then subsequently inspected by the state and given a "rebuilt" title. This means you will be able to register the car like any other vehicle in most states. A salvage title would not be able to be registered. With our Rebuilt title, most states are business as usual in terms of registration and you will not need to do anything extra/unusual to register the car once you make your purchase. NY/NJ will require one additional salvage inspection and California will still require a smog check.Can I still obtain financing on a rebuilt title?It is more difficult to obtain financing on a rebuilt-titled car. Most major banks will not finance a rebuilt title regardless of your relationship with them or your credit score. There are a few banks that will, however. Lightstream is the easiest - they are an online bank that will finance the car based on your credit score (you will need to have excellent credit). USAA bank and Wells Fargo will finance the total purchase amount. PenFed will finance up to 50% of the actual car value. Additionally, many other credit unions will finance rebuilt titles as well.Can I still insure a rebuilt-titled car?You will be able to insure a rebuilt-titled car the same as any other vehicle. Pricing/premiums are not any different or more expensive. It is still possible to have your rebuilt-titled car covered with full/comprehensive coverage, the only difference is if you were to total the car further on down the line, your insurance company would deduct a small percentage from the valuation of the car at the time of payout. Build Sheet: